Monday, August 26, 2013

Prepare yourself to be part of this great divine destiny

Remember when we say that InshAllah, soon a time will come when world will move on 'Yes" and "no" of Pakistan !! Pakistan will decide the global fate and regional destiny InshAllah.

Our ideology is our greatest strength.
Our nuclear weapons our source of our Izzat.
Our human resource a source of power.
Our Geography our prime asset.

We only need a great leader, then you will see how we take off.

Nawaz Shareef now wants to auction Gawader as "Hong Kong", out of Pakistani control, an autonomous region where Pakistani law will not be applied !! This moron regime has come to auction Pakistan to the enemies. Never inshAllah. The great destiny will unfold soon and all these pygmies will be swept away forever.

Prepare yourself to be part of this great divine destiny. Those who are not prepared today with knowledge, spirituality, Imaan, deen, courage and wisdom will be left behind tomorrow. Most of you are NOT ready.

Clock is ticking and you are wasting time. Gain knowledge and build character. Build your relationship with Sayyadna Rasul Allah (sm). That is the only and the strongest bond !!!

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