Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Quaid e Azam had gone to Egypt and met the top leadership of Akhwan ul muslimoon

Very few Muslims know that Quaid e Azam had gone to Egypt and met the top leadership of Akhwan ul muslimoon also and had forged Islamic links with Egypt.

Today, the same Akhwan are being slaughtered by the CIA backed army led by General Sisi with the help of many regional Arab countries and the world is silent. Only Turkey is showing dignified character to defend the Muslims of Egypt.

This is the ultimate tragedy. All large Muslim countries in ME around Israel are now in chaos. Iraq, Syria and now Egypt also.

We had proposed a solution for Pakistan against CIA backed Zardari regime. It was army backed technocratic government for 3 years. The medicine was for Pakistan, NOT Egypt. But CIA picked up the idea and the Egyptian army applied it in Egypt against an Islamic government of Morsi. It was NOT needed in Egypt but in Pakistan.

There are many idiots on cyber world who says that Zaid Hamid supports the Egyptian army and have asked Pakistan army to do what the Egyptian army has done in Egypt.

These idiots entirely miss the argument. I am talking about the medicine, the procedure only, NOT the morality or the legality of it. It is immoral and illegal to apply it in Egypt but needed in Pakistan. In Egypt, the government was just and Islamic. In Pakistan, the government is CIA/Idiots.

Understand this clearly. In Egypt, military backed techo government has created a crisis. In Pakistan, such a government would resolve the crisis.

We most strongly condemn the Egyptian army's slaughter and we fully support Egyptian Muslims and do dua for them.

The fact remains, that if Pak army does not do what we have told them, Pakistan would also head the direction of Egypt, Syria and Iraq, Allah forbid. Khair inshAllah.

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