Thursday, August 29, 2013

The war in Syria is total fitnah for the Ummah - Kuffar, Zionists, crusaders and Khawarij are taking advantages.

To our children who do not know the history of the Middle East and are surprised as to why we consider Bashar ul Asad a criminal and a murderer as well. As we said, we do not support US/Israel/Khawarij but Bashar is an equal criminal as well.

In 1970's, 80's, 90's of the last century, there were three Socialist, pro-Soviet Baathist governments in the Middle East. Iraq was ruled by Saddam, Syria by Hafiz ul Asad, father of Bashar and Libya was by Qaddafi. All 3 were Kafir governments, which hanged, killed, exiled hundreds of thousands of Muslims for demanding Islamic laws in their countries. All 3 governments supported war against Pakistan also, supporting terrorism of Al-Zulfiqar which was led by Bhutto's children -- Murtaza, Shahnawaz and Benazir. Thousands of people were killed in Pakistan by terrorism supported by these 3 criminals regimes.

At that time, Saddam was a friend of CIA, fighting against Iran also in the entire 80's but then became an enemy of CIA when Iraq invaded Kuwait and the first Gulf war started. CIA used Saddam to destroy Iran and then used him again to attack Middle East in first ad second gulf war and finally hanged him after 2004. If CIA has hanged Saddam does not mean that he was a good man. He was an equal criminal, idiot, traitor to the Millat and an enemy of Rasul Allah (sm). Exactly same is the case with Qaddafi and Bashar ul Asad. They are all useful idiots for the Kuffar -- sometimes side with the Soviets and sometimes with the US -- but firmly hold on to Kuffar system and slaughter Muslims ruthlessly.

You saw the end of Saddam and Qaddafi. Now the same fate stares Bashar. That does not mean CIA is right or Bashar is on Haqq. Both are criminals to the extreme.

Iran fully supported the CIA in destroying Saddam and today a pro-Iran government is in power in Iraq which is also CIA supported. So things are NEVER so clear as you simply try to present them. Similarly, Iran also fully supported CIA in destroying Afghan Taliban and today a pro-Iran government in Kabul is fully supported by CIA.

Same is the case with Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has always been a CIA controlled country. All their policies follow what US tells them to. In some cases, as in Iraq and Afghanistan, Iran has done the same. So in reality, when it comes to sectarian differences or real politics, all countries do what is good for their interest without caring about the Ummah ! This is the painful fact.

So today, we have Saudi Arabia, CIA, Israel, US and NATO on one side and a known terrorist regime of Bashar, Iran and Russia on the other side. If Russia fights America, who would be on the right path ?? NO ONE !! When Iraqi Muslims fought with Irani Muslims, who was on the right path ?? NO ONE. When Iraqi Muslims and Kuwait Muslims fought with each other, who was on the right path ?? NO ONE.

The Syria crisis has divided the Muslim resistance movements as well. Hizbullah supports Bashar but Hamas is against Bashar.

This war in Syria is total fitnah for the Ummah where the Kuffar, Zionists, crusaders and Khawarij are taking advantage of the crimes of the Syrian government and the sectarian infighting within the Muslims. This is time of Fitnah, time of Dajjal, time to stay in your homes and do lots of astaghfar.... Ya Allah Karam....

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