Saturday, August 3, 2013

These snakes have not just sold us to the enemies, they are shameless enough to deny it too.

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official] shared a link.

August 3, 2013
Before you watch this program at 8 PM, read this news about battle of Pakistan and India in UN and International Court over Water, Carbon credits and building of illegal Dams in Kashmir by India.

PML govt is taking the stance that India is NOT stealing our water and the case has NOT gone to UN bodies. Also, they are praising Jamaat Ali Shah, the man who sold Pakistan's water to India !! These snakes have not just sold us to the enemies, they are shameless enough to deny it too. There is no khair in this govt. Astaghfurullah !

Read the new:

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has decided to challenge in the international court of arbitration a decision of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to grant carbon credits to India on a controversial hydropower project without mandatory clearance of its trans-boundary environmental impact assessment.

Simultaneously, the water and power ministry has sought the opinion from the establishment division if Pakistan’s former commissioner for Indus Waters (PCIW) could be proceeded against after his retirement for not vigorously pursuing cases to stop India from construction of the controversial project and getting carbon credits from the UN forum, a senior official told Dawn on Sunday.

Earlier, the law ministry had informed the establishment division and the water and power ministry that a former retired government official could only be proceeded against if his actions were found to be of criminal nature. The water and power ministry has now asked the establishment division to determine the nature of the case so that proceedings could be initiated if these were of criminal nature.

The government has stopped the payment of retirement benefits to Syed Jamaat Ali Shah, the former PCIW, pending an inquiry. An official said the pension and retirement benefits were now being released to the former official who had served as the PCIW for 18 years.

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