Saturday, August 24, 2013

War is upon us and now Hukm of Allah will unfold only..

It has never happened in the last 1400 years of Muslim history that all 3 large Muslim countries are in turmoil -- Egypt, Syria and Iraq. During Crusades in 10th century, Iraq was safe. During Halaku Khan invasion in 13th century, Egypt was safe but Iraq and Syria were destroyed. It is only now that all 3 countries are in crisis, chaos and anarchy. Rasul Allah (sm) had warned us of this time....

These are times of great fitnah, great fasad and great trials for the Ummat e Rasul (sm). Enemies are invading from all sides, Muslims are fighting within themselves and the leadership is all traitors and selfish, having sold the honor of Ummat e Rasul (sm) to the enemies.

Pakistan / Turkey / Iran / Saudi Arabia remain standing but Pakistan is already in war and the rest 3 countries are fighting with each other in various Middle Eats wars .... Innalillahe inna ilehe rajeoon....

Khair must rise from Pakistan. Sabr and revert back to Allah (swt) and do lots of astaghfar. This is NOT the time for politics, elections, democracy or martial laws. War is upon us and now Hukm of Allah will unfold only.... Wait now.

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