Friday, September 27, 2013

Just a quick important update

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official]

September 27, 2013
Just a quick important update.

On the front of media war:

InshAllah, Friday, Saturday and Sunday night at 8 pm on Din news, our The Debate will bring 3 exciting programs.

Friday: Pakistan's Judicial system and its flaws and solutions for future.

Saturday. The crisis of Pakistan's education system and the needs of Pakistan in 21st century.

Sunday: The shame and humiliation of Hindu Zionists over 1000 years of Muslim rule in India and its impact on Indian national psyche today! This one is really going to burn the tail of Hindu Zionists 

On the front of legal war with Geo:

Our lawyers would be appearing in Karachi to respond to the arrest warrants against me and Lucman.

On 30th we are responding in Islamabad High court also against Aman Ki Asha.

We have also sent legal notices to that traitor Emaad Khalid and Talha Saad and would be filing criminal cases against them now. Time to crush these snakes in all media and legal forums inshAllah.

We are holding firm and counter attacking. They will curse the day they were born inshAllah.

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