Monday, September 16, 2013

Our pre-condition for talks with Khawarij. If the accept these, only then govt. should initiate talks

  • Now these are our preconditions for talks with these Khawarij. If they accept these conditions, then we will ask the government to initiate talks. The conditions are:

    1. TTP must announce that Pakistan is an Islamic state and Jihad against Pakistan, Pakistan army and Pakistani Muslims is haraam.

    2. TTP must announce that they have been following the deviant path of Kharjees and now they want to repent and become true Muslims.

    If TTP make these two announcements and give us guarantors that they will abide by it, then we can ask army to cease fire for some time to see if TTP is serious or bluffing. If they are found to be serious, then their prisoners can be released slowly after publicly repenting and apologizing to the nation.

    This is the way to peace NOT arming the TTP, making them stronger and giving them lost lands.

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