Thursday, September 12, 2013

Watch Zaid sb presenting the case of Pakistan tonight on DIN News

The all parties conference decision to initiate talks with RAW Khawarij without considering the fallout of such a blunder has created a major threat for Pakistan. The political parties and the government has taken a decision which is plain stupid and short term gain which would be a catastrophic blunder in the long term. Army has remind silent allowing the politicians to do what they want.

Can Syrian govt talk to CIA backed FSA and bring peace in Syria ? Then how can we talk to CIA/RAW backed TTP to bring peace ?? Both FSA & TTP are proxies of the foreign powers and do not have powers to negotiate but only want time to regroup and re-organize.

InshAllah, Today, at 9 PM on DIN News with PJ Mir, watch Zaid Hamid presenting the case of Pakistan in war on terror, Afghan Policy, APC decisions and role of govt, parliament and judiciary. Dr. Hasan askari presenting a pro-US narrative. Shamshad Ali Khan also present in the debate.

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