Thursday, October 17, 2013

All supporters of Congressi Deobandi must explain this sinister fact.

For the last 7 years, alhamdolillah, we are fighting for Mission Takmeel e Pakistan and Khilafat e Rashida. This is the most sacred mission today to defend Pakistan and to revive our ideology and faith. Every Kufr is trying to stop us.

We have been attacked by all enemies of Rasul Allah (sm) but the most severe, fierce and sinister campaign has been launched by Congressi deobandi Mullahs !! All supporters of Congressi Deobandi must explain this sinister fact.

Why are Deobandi Congressi Mullahs are trying to destroy Mission Takmeel e Pakistan and block Mission Ghazwa e Hind ?? By attacking the person and the mission, whose interests are they serving in these times of war ????? The job which RAW/CIA/Seculars could not do, Congressi deobandi Mullahs have taken it upon themselves. All Mullahs who are against this Faqeer are Deobandi Congresi ! WHY ????

We have with us in this mission Muslims from all over the world from all ethnic divides and all sects but only Congressi deobandi are opposing us violently. There are difference of opinion with many groups but violent opposition, bohtan, murder cases, false allegations and physical attacks come from Congressi Deobandis only. There is no doubt that Congresi Mullahs are still snakes who are violently attacking Pakistan and Khawarij are also part of them and are working for Hindu Mushriks. We will NOT show any mercy towards them.

All those Deobandis who are sincere to Pakistan MUST stop their opposition to Mission Takmeel e Pakistan and Misison Khilafat e Rashida, because all enemies are trying to stop this sacred duty. If you side with Hindu Mushriks, then you are with them and we will fight you with full force.

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