Sunday, October 20, 2013

Understand this clearly and rise above petty prejudices and become Muslims alone !!

Today, Pakistan faces terrorism of many kinds.

MQM, ANP and BLA are using ethnic terrorism on the basis of language and ethnicity.

TTP, LeJ are terrorists / Khawarij from deobani sect.

Shias have many terrorists groups within them as well which are killing on sectarian lines. Sipah e Muhemmed is one such group. But major Shia terrorists use the cover of MQM to do the target assassinations in the country, especially in Karachi. Unfortunately, there are reports of Iran's involvement as well in protecting / supporting Shia terrorists due to multiple massacres of Shias at the hands of LeJ.

Barelvis have also been involved in terrorism in Karachi, mostly from Sunni tehreek. Their war is as dirty as of MQM, LeJ or ANP.

Ahl Hadees do not have any terrorist group in the country yet. This is a relief. LeT is a Jihadi group but not involved in any terrorism yet.

Jamaat e Islami was never a terrorist group against the state though had been violent against political oponants but ever since Munawwar Hasan has taken charge of JI, their sympathies are visibly with TTP and many members of JI have fallen into the trap of Takfiri ideology.

No sect or ethnic party is purely clean. Each have their own share of violence against Muslims and Pakistan. As Muslims and Pakistanis, we must understand who is doing what and then deal with them accordingly. We have no problem with sect or personal belief of any group but if they wage a war against Muslims or Pakistan, then they are our enemies. Understand this clearly and rise above petty prejudices and become Muslims alone !!

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