Tuesday, October 22, 2013

WAAR has sent a new trend in cinematography that patriotic, clean narrative can also be commercially viable

Have a confession to make  Went to see WAAR last night !!!

Only when you see the movie you realize why the tails of Beyghairat Brigade are so much on fire that now they have become black and smelly 

The entire patriotic narrative that RAW is backing up Khawarij, political traitors and terrorists in Pakistan has been most powerfully depicted while accepting the judicial collapse in the country which has failed to punish the terrorists. The dirty role of ANP and all those who are opposed to Kalabagh Dam have been most strongly exposed. Respect for army and anti-terrorist police have gone through the sky and the narrative that we should talk to the Khawarij has been totally destroyed.

But the most powerful aspect which has come to light is that the nation was hungry for a patriotic media and the narrative of Geo and SAFMA has been most comprehensively defeated in the country. The entire hostile information war, Aman Ki Asha, SAFMA and GEO have been humiliated beyond repair now. alhamdolillah !

ARY has emerged as a patriotic voice which is willing to stand with the nation, army and the ideology. We would strongly encourage ARY to build upon this respect which they have earned and boycott all Indian filth and become a patriotic channel as a counter narrative to SAFMA and GEO.

The movie was definitely not perfect, had many errors in representing TTP and khawarij, Urdu subtitling had some horrible spelling mistakes which are not compatible for movie of such stature, some scenes were embarrassing which could have been avoided and some war scenes seemed artificial but overall the impact that it created was patriotic, pro-Pakistan, anti-India, anti-TTP, pro-Kalabagh Dam, anti-Geo and pro-army/Police.

WAAR has sent a new trend in cinematography that patriotic, clean narrative can also be commercially viable. Pak media should take serious note of this phenomenon.

May Allah bless Pakistan and all those patriots who took part in this much needed production. Please do dua for Ali Azmat. His apendex burst within the body and he was in life threatening danger last night. In the movie, he spoke our words :))

stay blessed all of you and may the enemies of Pakistan burn in hell in dunya and akhira.

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