Saturday, November 2, 2013

3 upcoming programs of The Debates, and news books

Phew, these last 3 days have been busy ! We were traveling a lot, have recorded 3 most explosive programs for The debate, have been working on the legal side to respond to Geo, have been working aggressively on our new books on Iqbal and Urdu translation of From Indus to Oxus and working on national security analysis for the coming days.

Our last night's program on 150 days of Nawaz govt was a brutal take down of this democracy. Very harsh program. Shall be uploading it soon here inshAllah.

Tonight, we are doing a most sensitive analysis of who would be the Pakistan's next army chief, what challenges await him, how has general Kayani managed the 4th generation war, what were his success and failures, what should be the policy of the next chief and how would be the relations between army and Nawaz Shareef in the comming days. This is a most candid, serious, delicate program not to be missed at any cost.

InshAllah, tomorrow, we are doing the English The Debate on US exit from Afghanistan and the termination strategy of this war for Pakistan. Another critical analysis of regional scenario. We have exposed the nexus between TTP and CIA much that now CIA is forced to remove all evidence of their relationship, hence killing the TTP leadership which could implicate CIA too. Even NATO has confirmed RAW's links but they are busy hiding their own tracks.

We have finally designed the titles of the book on Baba Iqbal. Here it is for your view. InshAllah, pdf of the book would also be uploaded within days now. Just a little more sabr 

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