Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mir Shakeel, Mir Ibraheem, your asset has betrayed you for a higher price

It was in April, that one of our team members Imad Khalid turned hostile and joined the enemies of Rasul Allah (sm) and Pak Sarzameen. His first media appearance was with marvi Sermed and ever since he has been active in spreading lies, filth and disinformation to not just harm Mission Takmeel e Pakistan but also Pak armed forces. Those with wisdom and vision knew that he is being played by powerful forces. Alhamdolillah, he never dented the mission and the team. But now the time has come to expose this snake, his handlers and his sinister plans.

InshAllah, tonight at 8 PM, Mubashir Lucman will expose all the sinister handlers of Imaad Khalid, his contacts with a hostile media group, his links with Tahir Ashrafi, his petition in the Supreme Court and how he is being used by enemies of this Faqeer and Pakistan.

Imaad has always betrayed everyone who have loved him or trusted him. He abandoned his first wife with 3 minor children. Abandoned his second wife with two babies. Betrayed this faqeer who picked him from selling socks in Juma Bazaar to heights of Izzat and respect and now he is even betraying his handlers.

As an insurance policy, Imaad had been recording all call that were done between him and his handlers. Then he sent the copies of those calls to some people for safe keeping. From, there, we got a copy of all those calls and now would be made public, InshAllah by Lucman.

Imaad remains a professional blackmailer and he is perhaps the only person who planned to blackmail Geo also and kept record of all the calls without their knowledge.  Geo should have been wiser. If a man can betray his children and mentor, he can surely betray his handlers as well.

Mir Shakeel, Mir Ibraheem, your asset has betrayed you for a higher price 

Watch ARY, Lucam show tonight, inshAllah. if they are not able to air it due to pre-planned schedule, we shall make them public tonight inshAllah and then would demand from the courts to investigate this blackmailing syndicate against Pakistan, Mission Takmeel and Pak armed forces. This must be investigated at all levels.

We will play these tapes in Supreme Court also where Imaad has filed a petition against this faqeer. It will be fun to see how Geo and Imaad defend their secret alliance in Supreme Court  We look forwards to the case in SC !

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