Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Rasul Allah (sm) has given the Bisharat of Jannah to two armies

Pakistan is Medina e Sani, a sacred land created on the direct orders of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) and a secret from the secrets of Allah (swt). The greatest sin, Kufr, fisq in these times is attacking Pakistan to weaken it. The greatest Ibadat is to defend Pakistan as the fortress of Islam and Ummah. Today, Pakistan is under attack from all sides -- US, Israel, NATO, India and Khawarij and the only rock which is defending Pakistan today is Pak army !!

Know this clearly: Pakistan's entire political, economic and judicial system is still based on Kufr but Pakistan is a land under the shadow of Rasul Allah (sm) and a fort of Islam. We can be sinful Muslims but we are NOT Kafirs ! If anyone dies defending Pakistan, he is the greatest of Shaheed MashAllah !

Rasul Allah (sm) has given the Bisharat of Jannah to two armies:

1. An army which fights Hindu Mushriks in Ghazwa e Hind.
2. An army which fights the Khawarij.

Rasul Allah (sm) has clearly given the Bisharat that Allah will forgive the sins of this army (there will be sins but will be forgiven as they defend Pakistan and Ummah).

In these times, anyone attacking army would either be a total nutcase idiot or a traitor standing with Khawarij or Mushriks or Hanood/Yahood. Pak army is the defender of the Ummah despite the sins we have committed.

To hell with enemies of Pak Sarzameen !
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