Friday, January 31, 2014

All these political leaders are liars... they have sold you to Kuffar

InshAllah, on Friday, Sat and sunday, we will bury the myth of peace talks with Khawarij by these insane so called leaders. The entire threat analysis based on regional geo-politics and Indian game plan against Pakistan will be exposed with solid proof and arguments. We will give our azaan, at all costs, InshAllah, when literally, there are idols hidden in the sleeves of these munafiqs.

InshAllah, one day, these munafiqs who are talking about peace with Khawarij will be beheaded by these Khawarij themselves. Rasul Allah (sm) has already warned us about these Khawarij. If this badbakht NS wants to trust Mullah Fazlullah, then I pray to Allah (swt) to let Khawarij teach him a lesson for betraying the Ummat e Rasul (sm).

All these political leaders are liars... they have sold you to Kuffar...

Watch our azaan on DIN news at 8 pm InshAllah.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

This is the reason why TTP is barking for peace now

Simple logic. If government wants that army must not do operation against them, then the same rule should be applied on TTP Khawarij - no attacks on Pakistan till the talks continue ! Right ?

If TTP Khawarij attack anywhere in Pakistan, what should Pak army do ?? stay silent, just watch and let people and soldiers die ????

Let the government, IK, NS and JI/JUI clarify this also when they stop the army from launching ground ops.

Let me give you a top intelligence report from an ISI officer working under cover deep inside TTP territory. He is a dear friend and has sent this top secret inside info -- Allahu Akbar !! This is the reason why TTP is barking for peace now. They want time to regroup and escape before army destroys them totally. Peace talks is a trap, nothing else. He sent this after the PAF air strike on Khawarij.

"Zaid bhai, I am in Mir Ali and am having a first hand look. They have lost over a 120 and mostly Uzbeks/foreigners. 7 top so called commanders including Asmatullah Bathani have died. I think this was a devastating blow. One more can finish them"

Now you tell me? should we finish them now or let them escape to fight and kill another day ?? How stupid our leaders can be ?? They are insane, no doubt !!!

Alas, a nation of tigers is led by pussy cats !!

Nawaz Shareef, Imran Khan, Munawwar Hasan and Fazlur rehman have sold us to the swines -- again !! Mark our words -- Now the Muslims blood that would flow would be on the hands of these politicians. TTP was severely crushed after the PAF sir strikes. It was time to hit them hard, not give them time and space to escape and re-group !! Alas, a nation of tigers is led by pussy cats !! Innalillahe inna ilehe rajeoon !!

It is time to fight the final battles on our own terms else the Indian tanks, NATO and Khawarij would dictate their terms

This is 2009, south Waziristan operation which the world thought is going to be impossible to achieve.

Our memories are weak & need to be refreshed | or either the sold-out media did not let you see this. Any way surprise yourself. No peace deals with criminals, terrorists. What ever your leaders say, we are confident on our deen & don't need the useful idiot's advice. Support #Pakarmy & demand ruthless accountability of media & worst punishments for criminals, no relaxation.

See the western military technology they use and the involvement of foreign secret agents. In recent strikes in North Waziristan, PAF have killed dozens of Rasheed dostum Uzbeks and NATO German's posing as "Al-Qaeda" !!

The political snakes demanding Talks now, when the TTP khawarij are badly beaten and burnt in the recent air strikes, are actually the useful idiots and the traitors who want to give relief to these Khawarij. Critical time is being wasted now. The coward PM cannot take the decision on allowing army to roll into TTP sanctuaries. Blood is already spilling on our streets. It is time to fight the final battles on our own terms else the Indian tanks, NATO and Khawarij would dictate their terms....

How we long to be with Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) !!

How we long to be with Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) !! Me and Abajan went on Umra few years back. One of the most spiritual journeys I had MashAllah, sitting at the Qadamain Shareefain with my dad. This Nasheed brought back those memories with full intensity..

Dedicate this to you Aba Jan. You taught us adab and love of Sayyadi. InshAllah, you are in His blessed compnay now. Mubarak, alf Marra..
Maher Zain - Muhammad (Pbuh) [Waheshna] | Arabic and English Lyrics | [ماهر زين - محمد [واحشنا

عاشق رسول صلی الله علیہ وآلہ وسلم
Lyrics by Admin Beloved ''Zaid Hamid''.
Humble Gift for Syedi Rasool Allah (sm)

May Allah give us istiqamat to do the duty with courage and dignity

Left Abba jan in the mercy of Allah (swt) today. One of the most difficult moments in my life to let go of someone so close, so passionate. Nothing prepares you for the moment when you have to bury your parents or children ! But this is a duty which every Muslims must do with dignity, sabr and Shukar !

As my mujahida mother, he too had the greatest influence in making what I am today. He taught me adab e Rasul (sm), hammered into the souls of his children that NEVER to eat Haram rizq and kept reminding me that we will have to fight a final battle with India to defend this Pak Sarzameen. I am sure he would be on duty on the "other side" as well while we do on "this side".

He was from the generation which made Pakistan and then joined army to defend it jealously on the battle field as well. I grew up on his stories of the battle fields and he himself was witness to so many miracles during these battles. This Pakistan is sacred, my parents had always taught us.

Our duty is not done yet. Pakistan must be jealously guarded even today. While I feel the excruciating pain within, there is no time to mourn a soldier who has fallen in the battle. Got to keep the flag high. The battle is raging and we got to do the duty at all costs.

InshAllah, we will be on duty without delay. May Allah raise his Darjaat even higher. May Allah give us istiqamat to do the duty with courage and dignity. May Allah bless Ummat e Rasul (sm) and Medina e Sani.

Recite Fatiha please.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

An honorable life comes to a dignified close.

Pl recite Fatiha..

Abba Jan, passed away into the rehmat of Allah (swt). An honorable life comes to a dignified close.

Lt Col Zaman Hamid from 1st PMA, veteran of 2 wars as gunner officer fighting the Mushriks at Sialkot front, served in 14 field and 41 HAA. A Ghazi, a Mujahid, was always eager to fight the final battle with India. A Syed, from the family of Hazrat Ibraheem Malik Bbiya, the great great grand son of Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani and the General who captured India with Muslims armies in early times. Attacking and capturing India is on our blood, alhamdolillah !

My mentor, my friend, my dad. Would miss him dearly but for now leave him in the mercy of Allah (swt), to join him later as Allah wills.

Innalillahe inna ilehe rajeoon…

Pl remember us and all the Ummah of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) in your dua.

ZH and family.

48 - The Debate with Zaid Hamid - Pakistan - Has the Final Battle Begun - 26-01-14

Monday, January 27, 2014

BrassTacks Threat Analysis: Everything else they tell you is a lie !!

BrassTacks Threat Analysis: Everything else they tell you is a lie !!

A war fought by the army cannot be regulated through corrupt civil judicial system. This is the dilemma of the civil govt. Military can defeat the insurgents on ground but what about the thousands of terrorists captured and who are still in custody, only to be released slowly due to a failed judicial system?. Army’s hands are tied and judiciary is hostile to the army and supportive to the insurgents. This is actually the controlled demolition of the state where judiciary is a party in the war against the state. The new anti-terror law may be shot down by the judiciary.

South Waziristan operation had taught the army that unless the escape routes of the militants are not blocked inside Afghanistan, no operation in FATA can be successful. TTP terrorists are protected by the CIA/RAW/RAMA inside Afghanistan. Mullah Fazlullah travels on Afghan passports and TTP/BLA supply lines remains open from Afghanistan. Pak army and PAF will have to bomb the bases inside Afghanistan and that demands a strong diplomatic stance from NS govt.

Hostile media needs to be contained. The RAW funded media in Pakistan is already creating a crisis for the army and is acting as the propaganda army of the insurgents. The media terrorists are as lethal as the suicide bombers but the government and the army have no strategy against them.

As we had said, 2014 would be the most bloody and decisive year in Pakistan’s history. Within the first month, the nation has received a taste of it and has cried out in pain already. There is no doubt that with these levels of violence and anarchy, the government will not sustain for long. A full-fledged army operation will have to be supported by full force of all state organs or the military will move in to enforce the sanctity of the collapsing state.

For now, the government remains in panic and confusion and insists upon putting Musharraf on trial and the judiciary and the media maintain the collision course with the army. It is too early to say for how long army would wait and continue to take this humiliation and casulties but the fact remains that the military leadership cannot afford to drag this confusion for too long. If they don’t act, the entire institution of the army would be destroyed and that would be the end of the state as well.

Dangerous times to say the least… khair inshAllah !

Alhamdolillah, this is the Azaan of Haqq to give hope to the nation and a warning of severe punishment to the rulers.

Entire series of Debate is here. Every third program is in English !! In Pakistan's media history, no program has created such impact in shaping the national and regional profiles as this Azaan in these dangerous times. Complex Geo-politics broken down into easy to understand narrative, entire threat axis analyzed for Pakistan and the region, role of global powers exposed and nailed, alternate to global political, economic and judicial systems given and response strategy built to come out of this 4th and 5th generation wars in the greater Middle East. Once you watch and understand these programs, you can never be fooled against by snake like politicians, media and killers in the garb of Mullahs.

Alhamdolillah, this is the Azaan of Haqq to give hope to the nation and a warning of severe punishment to the rulers.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

North Waziristan Ops, 5thGW and the final battle for Pak Sarzameen.

InshAllah, we come on two channels today, at 8 PM. DIN and Dunya TV. Where DIN news do not come, they can watch the Dunya TV program. InshAllah, we will upload the DIN Debate later. DIN News is in English. Dunya TV program is in Urdu.

Same topic for both.

North Waziristan Ops, 5thGW and the final battle for Pak Sarzameen.

These are the final calls for the nation to wake up, else be prepared for an urban war like Syria/Iraq/Libya. Idiots in leaders, media and Mullahs have confused and baffled the nation for years now and have brought the nation to the brink of disaster. Now the price for freedom will be in blood. That is how Allah teach lessons to Moronic leadership and naive stupid population. Astahfurullah !

Kuffar have destroyed the Ummah on lies spread by their agents within our ranks. Iraq, Syria, Libya all destroyed through propaganda through media and using snakes like Hamid Mir.

Now they are doing the same sinister game in Pakistan also. Let us make it clear -- Govt, Mullahs, politicians and major segment of media is Lying to you !! There are clear proof that CIA and RAW is backing all insurgencies and bloodshed but the rulers remain part of this demolition war against Pak Sarzameen. Those who voted for these snakes, should now weep the most !!

We will fight, kill and be killed for this Medina e Sani, InshAllah !! We owe this to Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). For now, we give azaan against Zalim rulers and Khawarij !!

47 - The Debate with Zaid Hamid - Final Battle Against Terrorism - 25-01-14

Part 2 of our debate on North Waziristan war !

This is our azaan as the battle for Pakistan now enters its final phase. Any blunders now would mean millions would perish due to stupidity of our leaders. Wake up before the Khawarij put you to sleep.... forever.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

This is our message for Shia Muslims. Take this advice for the khair of Ummah and Millat.

This is our message for Shia Muslims. Take this advice for the khair of Ummah and Millat.

Note: All nonsense comments from Khawarij / enemies based on ignorance / Jahalat will be deleted and blocked without mercy.

Eyes are wet, this is it !

I grew up in that city. As schools kids, we would travel all over the city alone in public transport and our parents were never worried. No cell phones, no internet, no landline at home. We would go to the beach at midnight to have fish or at PIDC to have paan or to Bahadurabad to have Spinzer icecone !! Our greatest treat would be to take a boat at Kemari and go out crabbing in sea. It was here, where I got my first hunting lessons with Dad where we used to go together, freezing in open jeeps, to lakes in interior sindh for duck and partridge hunting. Imagine, we used to go to school in Train ! Only city in the country which had local train running through it. The service is long dead now I think.

It was city of peace, lights and nostalgic memories – then MQM raised its filthy head….. and today it is a war zone…. 

All the nostalgic memories came back with sheer pain when I received this mail today....


Zaid bhai,

PLEASE must watch this video , and post in your BlogSpot . its not Bollywood movie acting . the real life of a volunteer of ambulance man , the reality which is going since 1986 , After BUSHRA ZAIDI road accident at AYESHA MANZIL FEDRAL B.AREA KARACHI . but you LEFT Karachi from 1992 . and we are alone for 21 years . please ZAID BHAI come to KARACHI , when ever I go to university road infront of N.E.D , I do stop the main GATE of N.E.D . I thaught only about you , what a romantic life, when you attend JIHAD CONFERNECE and traveling in CAR with M.M ALAM . ZAID BHAI PLEASE receive my PHONE CALL , you didn't receive my call for 9 months .
A very harsh message to Pakistani nation. If you still remain deaf and dumb then be ready for your turn now !
Astaghfirullah !

The Debate with Zaid Hamid - Transformation of 4thGW into 5thGW - 24-01-14

This is the ruthless and blunt azaan to shake the nation as the final battle for Pakistan begins ! Our program on DIN news Friday night -- Part 1 of the 2 part series to explain to you the North Waziristan operation, 4th and 5th generation wars, treason of politicians, media and judiciary and the role of Pak army.

Let the battle begin....Allahu Akbar !!
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Every Pakistani must watch this. Stunning exposure of Modi by Arundati Roy !!

Every Pakistani must watch this. Stunning exposure of Modi by Arundati Roy !! You will be shocked, stunned and dazed at the filthy reality of BJP leaders who are comming to power in Indoia now. That is why we say that 2014 would be the bloodiest year for us and TTP/RSS would launch brutal attacks to prepare for invasion after October. These are the last warnings to you now.
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How TTP is working for RSS and BJP !

While we upload today's Debate on final battles for Pakistan, watch this stunning video -- How TTP is working for RSS and BJP !! Those in doubt should ponder over the language being used by the enemies and notice their similarities. Know your enemies !
Watch this video about what is "actually happening" with Pakistan, and who all are our enemies and how they all have joined hands to destroy Pakistan. Tabiat saaf na hui tu kehna.

The leader will emerge from the chaos ! Khair inshAllah !

One of our friends from ME sent us this email today. Wanted you all to read it. There is nothing much left to explain now. The nation and its leaders were too arrogant to do tauba. Now the time of punishment has begun. This democracy, this parliament, this judiciary, this media -- all will be annihilated in the war which is upon us now. We had been warning for year but those in power mocked us and remained arrogant. Now Allah will enforce His Hukm !

The leader will emerge from the chaos ! Khair inshAllah !

War against TTP - Zaid Hamid in Khara Sach - 22-01-14

This link will activate in one hour inshAllah !!

We appeared in Khara Sach with Luqman on ARY. The confusion which the politicians and media spread about this 4th generation war is so staggering that it has baffled the entire nation. We rip their lies apart and challenge the government to hang a terrorist !!

InshAllah, We shall be doing exhaustive national security analysis on Friday night on our own program The debate on DIN News.

What you give is NOT charity but gifts.

During Operation Rah e Rasat in Swat, BrassTacks had done a similar Nation-army bonding appeal and thousands of people responded with warm clothes, socks, jackets and eatables which were sent to Swat. They not just came in handy for the army, they were also distributed among nearly 2 million refugees who were pouring out of war zone. They were also the responsibility of the nation and army as political governments were too slow to provide even the basic tents, blankets or warm clothes.

What you give is NOT charity but gifts. Now refugees would also start to pour out of areas where fighting has begun or is about to begin. What army does not need, would be given to our fellow Muslims who escape the Zulm of Khawarij.

For many years, it is only army which is doing the rebuilding, relief and welfare works in Swat and tribal areas. We trust army and would be sending them these gifts for their use and for the poor Muslims there.

Just a reminder, those idiots who are insulting this sincere campaign of patriots to support our troops and tribals would be instantly banned. Have no time for non-sense.

This is your moment to join the battle against Khawarij !

This is your moment to join the battle against Khawarij !! Supplying equipment, resources and weapons to Pak army Mujahideen carries equal ajar as if you are fighting yourself against the enemies. Lets support our troops who are already fighting or about to join the battle in freezing cold. They are fighting for all of us and it is our duty to respect them, provide for them and contribute to the cause of purifying Pak Sarzameen from these "dogs of hell" !

Team BrassTacks and our volunteers have decided to join the physical battle as well and offer you the same. Our troops are doing the fighting. We will back them up with love, dua and winter clothing.

We have given the contact details and prices on these items.

Anyone who wants to contribute can contact the suppliers directly, who can then send these equipment to us and we can send them to forward areas to fighting units. Else, you can buy these equipment and send them yourself to your own contacts. Your choice. when you place order, keep us informed via email so that we remain in the loop and take deliveries.

May Allah give victory to our Pak army Mujahideen and crush the fitnah of Khawarij ! These are final battles for our beloved Pak Sarzaeen. By Allah, we stand with our troops in uniform under the Sabz Hilali parcham !! Labbaik Ghazwa e Hind !!

Love you PAF !! Bomb Kharjee's escape routes inside Afghanistan as well !!

PAF continues to negotiate "peace talks" with the Khawarij for the second day now and the enemies of Rasul Allah (sm) are being sent to their appointments with God for final settlement.

Love you PAF !! Bomb their escape routes inside Afghanistan as well !!

We hate democracy and freedom of speech !

Warning -- Pakistan is in war ! We have zero tolerance policy towards stupidity, treason or insanity. Be very careful when you comment. All comments against Pak armed forces would be deleted and person blocked immediately. Stay silent if you cannot support our war against Khawarij. We hate democracy and freedom of speech !

The time has come to "negotiate" with Khawarij !

The time has come to "negotiate" with Khawarij ! Our negotiation teams are already in the air ! Whether God forgives these khawarij or not, that is not our problem. Our duty is to arrange the meeting between Khawarij and God !!

God speed, PAF !