Saturday, January 25, 2014

Eyes are wet, this is it !

I grew up in that city. As schools kids, we would travel all over the city alone in public transport and our parents were never worried. No cell phones, no internet, no landline at home. We would go to the beach at midnight to have fish or at PIDC to have paan or to Bahadurabad to have Spinzer icecone !! Our greatest treat would be to take a boat at Kemari and go out crabbing in sea. It was here, where I got my first hunting lessons with Dad where we used to go together, freezing in open jeeps, to lakes in interior sindh for duck and partridge hunting. Imagine, we used to go to school in Train ! Only city in the country which had local train running through it. The service is long dead now I think.

It was city of peace, lights and nostalgic memories – then MQM raised its filthy head….. and today it is a war zone…. 

All the nostalgic memories came back with sheer pain when I received this mail today....


Zaid bhai,

PLEASE must watch this video , and post in your BlogSpot . its not Bollywood movie acting . the real life of a volunteer of ambulance man , the reality which is going since 1986 , After BUSHRA ZAIDI road accident at AYESHA MANZIL FEDRAL B.AREA KARACHI . but you LEFT Karachi from 1992 . and we are alone for 21 years . please ZAID BHAI come to KARACHI , when ever I go to university road infront of N.E.D , I do stop the main GATE of N.E.D . I thaught only about you , what a romantic life, when you attend JIHAD CONFERNECE and traveling in CAR with M.M ALAM . ZAID BHAI PLEASE receive my PHONE CALL , you didn't receive my call for 9 months .
A very harsh message to Pakistani nation. If you still remain deaf and dumb then be ready for your turn now !
Astaghfirullah !

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