Wednesday, January 29, 2014

May Allah give us istiqamat to do the duty with courage and dignity

Left Abba jan in the mercy of Allah (swt) today. One of the most difficult moments in my life to let go of someone so close, so passionate. Nothing prepares you for the moment when you have to bury your parents or children ! But this is a duty which every Muslims must do with dignity, sabr and Shukar !

As my mujahida mother, he too had the greatest influence in making what I am today. He taught me adab e Rasul (sm), hammered into the souls of his children that NEVER to eat Haram rizq and kept reminding me that we will have to fight a final battle with India to defend this Pak Sarzameen. I am sure he would be on duty on the "other side" as well while we do on "this side".

He was from the generation which made Pakistan and then joined army to defend it jealously on the battle field as well. I grew up on his stories of the battle fields and he himself was witness to so many miracles during these battles. This Pakistan is sacred, my parents had always taught us.

Our duty is not done yet. Pakistan must be jealously guarded even today. While I feel the excruciating pain within, there is no time to mourn a soldier who has fallen in the battle. Got to keep the flag high. The battle is raging and we got to do the duty at all costs.

InshAllah, we will be on duty without delay. May Allah raise his Darjaat even higher. May Allah give us istiqamat to do the duty with courage and dignity. May Allah bless Ummat e Rasul (sm) and Medina e Sani.

Recite Fatiha please.

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