Wednesday, January 22, 2014

There is khair for you in listening to what we say else you are free to do what you want

my dear children and members,

the duty of this faqeer is to give azaan of Haqq in these dangerous times without fear or favor. My duty is NOT to follow the confusions of the nation but to guide it, advice it and encourage it to take the right path. We will NEVER offer any apologies for our stance not give any quarter to the enemies or idiots.

I will NOT speak what you want me to speak or what you wish to hear. I will speak what needs to be said for the sake of Ummat e Rasul (sm) and Pak Sarzameen. I have not invited anyone on this page. You are here because you wanted to be. If you have come on your own, then respect the policies and ideology of this page, else you are free to follow whom you want.

If you do not trust this Faqeer, then why are you here ?? Allah has made me an elder to most of you, have seen more world, have experienced more experiences and have been met more teachers and elders than most of you. We have no vested interest in doing this duty. have never asked you for money or recognition nor plan to stand in an elections, then why do you insult, abuse or hurl profanities ? Haven't your elders taught you adab ??

Disagreement can be done decently also. Abuses, insults, disrespect and profanities only show that you do not deserve to be on this decent Ba-adab forum for defense of Pak Sarzameen. You can be abusive once, but then we will block you forever and that would be your loss not ours.

We DO NOT collect fans. We do the duty to please Allah (swt) and Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) only. It does not matter to us if we have a million fans or only 1. We will do the duty as we do today -- with passion, love and adab. We follow the Sunnah of Rasul Allah (sm). He was also insulted by the naive and the foolish when Sayyadi was trying to save them from the hell fire.

DO NOT be like those who behaved like Abu Jahals and Abu Lahabs or abdullah Bin ubbi. Learn from the sunnah of Sayyadi (sm) and listen to the advice of a faqeer when he ask you nothing in return. There is khair for you in listening to what we say else you are free to do what you want and would be answerable to Allah (swt) for what you do.

Khair inshAllah.

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