Saturday, January 25, 2014

What you give is NOT charity but gifts.

During Operation Rah e Rasat in Swat, BrassTacks had done a similar Nation-army bonding appeal and thousands of people responded with warm clothes, socks, jackets and eatables which were sent to Swat. They not just came in handy for the army, they were also distributed among nearly 2 million refugees who were pouring out of war zone. They were also the responsibility of the nation and army as political governments were too slow to provide even the basic tents, blankets or warm clothes.

What you give is NOT charity but gifts. Now refugees would also start to pour out of areas where fighting has begun or is about to begin. What army does not need, would be given to our fellow Muslims who escape the Zulm of Khawarij.

For many years, it is only army which is doing the rebuilding, relief and welfare works in Swat and tribal areas. We trust army and would be sending them these gifts for their use and for the poor Muslims there.

Just a reminder, those idiots who are insulting this sincere campaign of patriots to support our troops and tribals would be instantly banned. Have no time for non-sense.

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