Monday, February 3, 2014

All axis of the deployed 5thGW are now aflame

Nawaz Shareef is now on a fast track collision course with the army. There is absolutely no two ways about it. Even US intelligence feels that Nawaz is crossing the red line. The issues of Musharraf, anti-terrorism laws and operation aganst TTP are the sore disputes which have already strained the relations between the political government and the army. There is a reason why WP thinks there is going to be a coup in Pakistan this year!

All axis of the deployed 5thGW are now aflame. From TTP to BLA to Karachi’s urban war to Indian threat to involvement of US State department in Baluchistan to information warfare to India’s strategic alliances with regional powers to collapse of economy – Nawaz Shareef government is not just clueless, it is actually fighting its own army. It cannot get any worse than that.

We are seriously concerned. Khair inshAllah ! 

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