Friday, February 7, 2014

Giving time to the enemies of Pakistan will NEVER stop the war !

InshAllah, tonight at 8 PM on DIN News, we will analyse the threats from Kashmir to Baluchistan, from FATA to Karachi and the reality of this farce called "peace talks" ! Those who want Pakistan to cease fire against these khawarij now when we can crush them, should know that very soon India and US plan to attack Pakistan with the help of these Khawarij and BLA and MQM. If we can eliminate the BLA/TTP and urban war now, the external enemies will not have any internal allies to stab us in the back. Peace deals is nothing but a time gaining circus of loony toons ! The nation would know when it is already too late. what can we say to the people who have hell bent on committing suicide ?? Innalillahe inna ilehe rajeoon !

Kuffar divided the Musliim world in 1918 when they destroyed one Osmani empire. Now they want to divide the entire Muslim world again into smaller anarchic regions. TTP is their weapon in this war. Giving it time to live will NEVER stop the war. Only the idiots cannot understand this.

Note: PTI supporters, pl don't comment here. Your logic is so stupid that it takes lots of courage not to block you.

To all Khawarij supporters, we say, you can comment once but then never again...

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