Thursday, February 20, 2014

It is time to send the kharjees where they belong to !!

Go to hell Khawarij !! Allahu Akbar !

Oh Allah bless Pak army with greatest of success against these dogs of hell ! It is time to send them where these Khawarij belong !!

To the nation we say: In wars, there would be civilian casualties, enemy counter attacks and losses. Enemy would hit back also. But strong nations make their stand for their honor, dignity and faith. DO NOT start blaming Pak army for the crimes of the Khawarij. In these times, anyone barking against Pak army would be from among the Khawarij and Mushriks. So, chose your sides carefully. There are NO neutrals when battles rage between Momineen and Khawarij !! Note this carefully.

Ya Allah bless us with khair and victory from Yourself. Labbaik Ghazwa e HInd !!

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