Thursday, February 6, 2014

Lets see which "Shariat" these Khawarij would bring

The Khawarij supporters are now in the open. All those who are representing Khawarij in so called talks and media will now be raised with these Khawarij on the day of judgement, astaghfurullah !!! These shameless apologists say that Khawarij want to impose Shariat and that is the demand of every Muslim !!

Lets see which "Shariat" these Khawarij would bring. The same "shariat" which they have applied so far across entire country. That is:

1. Merciless slaughter of men, women, children through blasts, suicide attacks and landmines.

2. Total slaughter of Ahl Sunnah wal Jamaat (Barelvis), Shias and Ahl hadees Muslims.

3. Bomb attacks on Muqqam of aulia, hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh, Baba fareed and dozens of other aulia.

4. Kidnapping women and keeping them as slaves.

5. Playing football with heads of Muslims.

6. Bank robberies, kidnapping for ransom and Bhatta.

7. Digging the bodies of opponents and burning them and then hanging them.

8. Attacks on Pak army, air force and defense installations making it easy for the Hindus to attack Pak Sarzameen.

9. Killing Chinese, Polish workers in Pakistan and attacking all friendly countries.

If you want this "Shariat", then welcome the Khawarij.

May Allah's curse be upon Khawarij and their sympathizers.

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