Sunday, January 26, 2014

North Waziristan Ops, 5thGW and the final battle for Pak Sarzameen.

InshAllah, we come on two channels today, at 8 PM. DIN and Dunya TV. Where DIN news do not come, they can watch the Dunya TV program. InshAllah, we will upload the DIN Debate later. DIN News is in English. Dunya TV program is in Urdu.

Same topic for both.

North Waziristan Ops, 5thGW and the final battle for Pak Sarzameen.

These are the final calls for the nation to wake up, else be prepared for an urban war like Syria/Iraq/Libya. Idiots in leaders, media and Mullahs have confused and baffled the nation for years now and have brought the nation to the brink of disaster. Now the price for freedom will be in blood. That is how Allah teach lessons to Moronic leadership and naive stupid population. Astahfurullah !

Kuffar have destroyed the Ummah on lies spread by their agents within our ranks. Iraq, Syria, Libya all destroyed through propaganda through media and using snakes like Hamid Mir.

Now they are doing the same sinister game in Pakistan also. Let us make it clear -- Govt, Mullahs, politicians and major segment of media is Lying to you !! There are clear proof that CIA and RAW is backing all insurgencies and bloodshed but the rulers remain part of this demolition war against Pak Sarzameen. Those who voted for these snakes, should now weep the most !!

We will fight, kill and be killed for this Medina e Sani, InshAllah !! We owe this to Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). For now, we give azaan against Zalim rulers and Khawarij !!

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