Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pakistan Patriots! This is your moment to join the battle against #Khawarij!

Many new members are complaining that they were left out in the campaign. Let us remind them again that this is not a one time effort. the battle is on-going and Pak army is fighting a continous war against these Khawarij. they need our love, dua and support at all times and these small gestures are only a token of apreciation to tell them how much we love our brothers in uniform.

We are once again giving details on how to order these equipment for the troops. Pl read them slowly. Pl Dont ask us questions which are already answered. Contact the suppliers directly and order them. they shall deliver them to us and we will act as courier service to dispatch them to the front line. DO NOT sent us any funds please. May Allah accept your sincere amaal.

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