Tuesday, February 25, 2014

There are planted Mullahs on all sides whose duty is to spread lies, hatred, confusion and division within the Ummah.

There is a deliberate and strong political and media campaign to divide Muslims on sectarian lines -- specially on Shia-Sunni axis and within Sunnis on deobandi-barelvi-ahl hadees etc. There are planted Mullahs on all sides whose duty is to spread lies, hatred, confusion and division within the Ummah. Every sect has been declared a Kafir by the sectarian Mullahs of other sect. If we are to go by the fatwas, then there is NO Muslim in the world today. We have to fight this insanity.

Note one critical and interesting point. While they are alive, these sectarian fasadi Mullahs and their followers are busy calling each others as Kafirs. But when it is time for Hajj, they do Hajj together, Umra together, when they die they get buried in the same graveyard also! You see the graves of shias, sunnis, deobandis, ahl hadees side by side in Jannatul Baqee and in all graveyards of the Muslims all over the world. You cannot tell their differences during Hajj and Umra. So think rationally and logically -- Allah does not consider you a Kafir unless a person openly declares that he is a Kafir or follows open Kufr according to Sharia, not according to sectarian Mullahs.

These sectarian snakes have no problem if Pakistan makes alliances with "Kafir" China but they have problems if we make alliance with "Shia" Iran !!! How stupid and insane they can be ?? Such idiots have no place in the eyes of Allah (swt) nor they will be allowed to bark their hatred in this sacred page of Mission Takmeel e Pakistan. We are all one Ummah -- either we stand united or we fall divided !!! Tale your choice !!

For God sake, start thinking for the Ummah, not your sect alone !!! Those who follow their sect only and destroy the Ummah in the process are NOT part of this Ummah, no doubt !!

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