Sunday, February 2, 2014

Things new members should

Dear members, since hundreds of new members join this page every week, we are noticing that new members are not aware of the rules, protocols and adab of being on this sacred battle station for revival of Pak Sarzameen. Here we repeat some guidelines. Pl read them carefully before you start to post comments here. Lots of new members get blocked instantly as they do not follow the protocols. To all hostiles who join this page to insult the mission, we say to them that they can make one hostile post but then never again. We have zero tolerance for non-sense.

1. Know this very well that this is an Islamic, patriotic and ideological page which jealously protects our Islamic ideology, Quaid, Baba Iqbal, two nations theory and creation of this beloved Pak Sarzameen. We DO NOT debate these established facts and boundaries. Never disrespect these values.

2. Please write in Urdu or English. Never in Roman Urdu -- urdu written in English letters. We normally hide or delete all such posts.

3. DO NOT comment on the page immediately after joining it. Spend few hours reading old posts, watching previous programs of the last 15 days at least, get to know the language, mood, flavor and ideology being discussed on the page and then make mature serious comments. Most of the questions you have are already answered previously. Do some homework first.

4. Never insult or humiliate Pak army. NEVER. Such posts will be blocked instantly.

5. We never lie. So never say that our post of Fake or a lie. We are the source and we do not need outside sources to prove what we know is right. If you do not trust us, join TTP page 

6. DO NOT post propaganda, lies, disinformation by enemies and then ask us to comment on it.

7. DO NOT use this page to advertise your pages or links. We only allow authorized, approved links to be posted.

8. DO NOT spam -- write same post multiple times. Just once is ok.

9. As a member, it is your duty to spread the message. Like the post and share it. Be part of this mission. We do not need fans. We need die hard fighters for Pakistan.

This is an azaan for defense of Pak Sarzameen and revival of the Ummah. Respect the fact that you are part of it.

Jazak Allah.

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