Wednesday, January 29, 2014

This is the reason why TTP is barking for peace now

Simple logic. If government wants that army must not do operation against them, then the same rule should be applied on TTP Khawarij - no attacks on Pakistan till the talks continue ! Right ?

If TTP Khawarij attack anywhere in Pakistan, what should Pak army do ?? stay silent, just watch and let people and soldiers die ????

Let the government, IK, NS and JI/JUI clarify this also when they stop the army from launching ground ops.

Let me give you a top intelligence report from an ISI officer working under cover deep inside TTP territory. He is a dear friend and has sent this top secret inside info -- Allahu Akbar !! This is the reason why TTP is barking for peace now. They want time to regroup and escape before army destroys them totally. Peace talks is a trap, nothing else. He sent this after the PAF air strike on Khawarij.

"Zaid bhai, I am in Mir Ali and am having a first hand look. They have lost over a 120 and mostly Uzbeks/foreigners. 7 top so called commanders including Asmatullah Bathani have died. I think this was a devastating blow. One more can finish them"

Now you tell me? should we finish them now or let them escape to fight and kill another day ?? How stupid our leaders can be ?? They are insane, no doubt !!!

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