Monday, March 31, 2014

Indus To Oxus - a lifetime experience wrapped into epic which takes you nostalgic, romantic, journey into the pages of history !

Every Pakistani must read this treasure. It is not just a book but a lifetime of experience wrapped into an epic which takes you on a nostalgic, romantic journey into the pages of history, never seen or written before. Ask your libraries to get it for you, present this as gifts to your friends, army officers and scholars and family.

And when you read it, write to us on how you felt after going through it. The best comments will be included in the next editions inshAllah.

Contact our office at 051 5598046,7


Ferozsons outlets all over the country

OR ask your nearest bookseller to get it for you from Ferozsons.

You cannot put a price tag on knowledge but we have only tried to recover the printing and production costs. This would be your direct contribution to get the mission going as well. Barak Allah feekum.

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