Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Charge Sheet Against Pro-Khawarij Congressi Deobandis Enemies of Medina e Sani Pakistan

Read this paper on links between Khawarij and Deoband. Read it slowly and ponder deep. NOT every deobandi is Khawarij but all Khawarij are deobandi. There are Good Taliban and there are bad Taliban. Similarly, there are pro-Pakistan deobandis and there are anti-Pak deobandis. TTP are Deobandis. This fact cannot be denied. there are people who follow their sect, even if it means becoming the enemy of Rasul Allah (sm).

after our post that deoband has started to support Modi, many accused us of spreading sectarianism. This is our reply to them. If you dont trust us, leave this page please and follow anyone you like. Our duty is to give azaan, not collect fans.

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