Wednesday, April 2, 2014

InshAllah, one day, we will unite the Ummah into one solid block as desired by our founding fathers

MashAllah, alf Marra !! Have received this mail from a brother in Iran. Read it. He has more sharper understanding of our beloved Medina e Sani than our entire leadership. InshAllah, one day, we will unite the Ummah into one solid block as desired by our founding fathers, inshAllah ! This is mission Takmeel e Pakistan !!


"My dear reverend brother, you fully know this reality that Pakistan is not a country but it is only a Nazariyah (Ideology) and only created as a miracle with the Dua of Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) to establish the Ummat Muhammadi (SAW) to unite the Muslims in the world.

Every Muslim in the world is the automatic naturalized citizen of Pakistan and the present real population of Pakistan is two billion (the population of Muslims in the world). Pakistan is now in its beginning stage and and the full existence of Pakistan will be realized when the Ummat Muhammadi (SAW) will emerge into an unified single Muslim Ummah and the greatest military, economic, political, cultural and social power in the world with Islamabad as the capital of Ummat Muhammadi (SAW) InshaAllah, and that unified single Muslim Ummah nation state comprising all the Muslims in the world will be called as Pakistan. InshaAllah.

Pakistan means the Ummat Muhammadi (SAW)

The Ummat Muhammadi (SAW) means Pakistan.

This was the sacred Islamic goal which was perceived and implemented by Allama Iqbal (RA) and Quaid Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah (RA).

Your brother


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