Sunday, April 13, 2014

Khawaja Asif Exposed Comprehensively !!!!

The direction of the events is heading towards a massive collision between the government, judiciary and media on one side and the military and the patriots on the other. The militants, terrorists and the insurgents would hit all during this process. Economy would continue to crash and national and regional chaos would compound without any remedy in sight.

Everything which could go wrong for Nawaz Shareef is now going wrong catastrophically. It is a meltdown in real sense. Every sensible analysts in media and government or outside of it is warning of an imminent collapse of the government, if not the state altogether if the present collision course is not altered radically and immediately by the government. When the government, judiciary and the media are at war with their own army, the result can only be chaos, anarchy and confusion leading to a state level meltdown. This is exactly what we are seeing these days.

With such snake as defense minister of the country, you can be sure that we have been betrayed by this democracy and enemies now plan a full and final assault on the nation.

The defense minister of the country, Khawaja Asif, is a handpicked man of Nawaz Shareef, is the most venomous man against his own army, provoking the army into declaring him persona non grata in military institutions. With tempers high in the military and a resurgent insurgency attacking across the country on all axis, nawaz Shareef has deliberately provided for a slow and painful death of his government and democracy. He is being warned by his allies not to provoke the army but Nawaz is intoxicated in power, venomous in nature and now throwing caution to winds.

The only option would be a decisive intervention by the patriots to restore sanity, cut a few heads then get after the terrorists with full force. Investing more time, effort and hope into democracy is only suicidal now.

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