Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Today's match should teach us all this sad, harsh lesson. Only if we learn !!

The match today, is a sad commentary on the entire character and tarbiat of our nation. We come under pressure easily, lose nerves when in crisis, behave irrationally and erratically under panic, have no leadership to guide and encourage in times of crisis and above all have NO planning or contingency mapping for unexpected situations nor can adapt to changing scenario of the battlefield. In the end, we blame the weather, moisture, lights and the crowd for our own failures without learning anything from past mistakes nor building on strength of character and mental robustness.

Our entire nation, at all levels, political, judicial, military -- show this trait dangerously. This is a nation which lacks tarbiat, gets high on small victories and crash to ground on minor setbacks. Ungrateful and thankless, quick to criticize, exaggerating on praises -- cannot take pressure.

This is the reason Tarbiat and building strength of character is more important that getting technology, money or resources. We don't lack talent or any wordily resources but we lack character. Today's match should teach us all this sad, harsh lesson. Only if we learn !!

That is why it is critical to stay close to spiritually enlightened souls, Murshids and Aulia Allah. They may not give you Dunya but would build you into a mysterious soul capable of moving the mountains with the strength of your character. This knowledge money cannot buy. Khair inshAllah !

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