Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Yes, we are all agents of ISI & proud of it !!!

Yes, we are all agents of ISI & proud of it !!!

There is great khair in this recent attack which Geo snakes did on ISI. Every snake and every patriot is now standing clearly in their camp.

Geo is being protected by the worst of the creatures, worst of the enemies, BJP, Modi, Zionists and the munafiqeen within our ranks.

ISI is being protected by sons and daughters of Ummat e Rasul (sm) who stand with Medina e Sani, Pak Sarzameen, Sabz Hilali and our faith, ideology and armed forces.

Army has sent in writing about the treacherous crimes of Geo. The reference will NOT be taken back. Army is giving full opportunity to the civilian govt and its organs to deliver justice and protect the country. But army will not wait forever. If the civilian government refuse to punish the traitors, then we patriots demand that army should take the matters into its own hand and severely punish these enemies and snakes. To hell with democracy which cannot protect Pakistan and violate each and very act of Quran and sunnah and also violate our constitution. Geo has no future in Pakistan now, inshAllah.

We stand with the army. We are the agents of ISI ! Yes, we are !!!!

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