Thursday, May 15, 2014

A patriot project - contribute your part !

Dear Members, we had posted about Azaan TV earlier. They are working on a project to document the history of making of Pakistan and interview those elders who have seen creation of Pakistan. we support this project and want you to contribute to the cause. You can read details on the site. Jazak Allah to all of you. we owe it to our future generations that we save and record the history of how our forefathers created this Pak Sarzameen through a sea of fire and blood. Jazak Allah. ZH.

Following is a message from Adeel.

"Just to remind you that i requested for 2 kinds of support. 1) I wanted access to elderly people who can give video interview to me and share their personal stories of migration plus pre partition situation in India that they witnessed. 2) I required some support in the production cost of these interviews.The original production cost per interview is more than Rs.10 000 but i requested for Rs.5000.

It will be very kind of you if you can remind your fans to support in the sponsor part specially.I have sponsor of about 18 interviews up to this date.Their support will make this work easier for me.My target is 100 interviews by August this year.IN SHA ALLAH

Anyone who wishes to support may call me on my number 0333 228 7841


Adeel Arif

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