Monday, May 19, 2014

It is time that we debate and discuss all aspects seriously before taking blind plunges into chaos

We are talking about future of Pakistan here. It is time that we debate and discuss all aspects seriously before taking blind plunges into chaos. When we differ on political strategies, it does not mean we are enemies. There is khair in discussing matter which affect the Ummah and millat.

If you read the comments below on the post about the strategy of dear Dr. TUQ to bring the change, it is clear that massive confusion exist on how would that change come. This is the problem -- the strategy to bring the change is not defined. For example:

some are saying that army should bring him into power. This is not possible.

some feel that 5 million people on streets can bring him into power. This means massive levels of bloodshed would be required, like in hundreds of thousands dead in street battles before the group can justify its claim to power. In Iran, nearly a hundred thousand had died on the streets before the army staged a coup in favour of Khomaini and removed Shah. To be honest, I do not feel PAT or even the country is ready for such levels of violence especially when we are already in a state of deep war with Modi rising in the East as well.

some say that Dr. sb do not want to change constitution. This is not correct also. The fact is that when you change the political system from parliamentary democracy to Presidential type and make 36 provinces, then you HAVE to change the constitution. To change the constitution, either you need 2/3 majority in the parliament through democracy OR you need to be a military dictator ! Both these qualities Dr. sahib dont have. To take power through army or street protests is also unconstitutional. The fact remains that to bring any real change, the Constitution has to be changed, re-written and applied through force of an organized state authority.

To all new members, we would refer them to read our book "Khilafate e Rashida". It is on the net and deals with changing the system of Pakistan, just as we all want.

The fact is that no organized change can come without full support of the army. Even elections cannot be held without army. even coup cannot be staged without army. Even a street revolution cannot succeed without the help of the army. The only organized, stable change can come if we form a Technocratic Caretaker government to change the clean the system in the next 3 years and then march on the new road that we carve for ourselves. New elections, Tehreer square or even democracy even with 62,63 applied, CANNOT change the system.

System change can only be brought by a dignified Sultan and benevolent dictator and General like Salahuddin who has the respect of the nation and the strength of the army behind him. Scholars can advice such a General/Leader/Sultan but the sword would be in the hands of Sultan not scholars !

Imam Abu Haneefa would NEVER make a General despite the knowledge that he had. Allah had defined roles for all Muslims. Even Quaid could never become Allama Iqbal nor Baba Iqbal could become Quaid. This understanding of role and duty is also critical especially when a bloody war is raging within the country and Ghazwa e Hind is knocking on our doors.

This is the opinion of this faqeer. Only Allah knows best.

Khair inshAllah! Labbaik Ghaze a Hind !

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