Friday, May 2, 2014

The Debate with Zaid Hamid (Geo Ki Hamayat Main Bharti Leader Samne Kun Aa Gaye ??) 2nd May 2014

Post strong comments on Zem also.

A candid analysis inshAllah and our sincere advice to the army and a hope to the nation.

Where did General Raheel go wrong in his first address to the nation? What is the strategy of army against Geo ? what is Geo planning to deflect the pressure ? What is the nexus between Geo and terrorists ? can Nawaz Shareef intervene to protect geo ? What is the strategy of TTP and army to face off each other ? Why International power players and Hindu Zionists are jumping in to defend geo ? why Geo can never be forgiven ??

Nothing but the harsh truth, InshAllah !

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