Monday, May 5, 2014

Understand our mission, prepare yourself, and march with us only if you have the courage !

The reason why all religious and political parties fail in Pakistan is that their leadership and followers have different mission, different goals, different vested interests and thus can never work as a solid team.

Building a spiritually enlightened, visionary, courageous and fearlessly determined team takes sweat and blood of the leader and the comrades. NOT a single political party in Pakistan has the capability to pull Pakistan out of the present crisis. They ARE the problem themselves.

Without Ishq and adab of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm), without a solid spiritual enlightenment of Quran, without a profound in-depth vision of Iqbal - no leader or group can unite or salvage this millat.

Such a team will always face trials, allegations, cases, threats and persecution at the hands of the ruling entrenched decadent elite and the process of persecution will continue to clean the ranks of this small die hard team of fanatics who will hold their ground against all odds, taking casualties all along the way.

Many people write to us that they want to join our mission. Our reply to them is -- understand our mission first, prepare yourself for the persecution and then if you feel strong enough, march with us into the battle. Our journey is dangerous, risky and turbulent and death comes easy here. Only the selfless fanatics can march with us. All others should do dua only.

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