Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Vaccine-nation: ‘Globally-supported company is funding fatal polio shots’

This is Tribune !! In the PPP time, the inspection commision of the PM had found that vaccine is causing deaths and disease !!

Now what would those idiots say who are accusing us of spreading fear and disinformation ??

The issue needs serious debate and answers. We will NOT accept the government version blindly. Only yesterday, the Health department has finally said (after our program) that giving more than 2 drop of vaccine can be dangerous !!! The government is feeling the heat.

each one of you can contribute to build pressure. if you have elders in media or government or are doctors, you must rise and demand answers to the questions we have raised.

Where is vaccine coming from ?
What is the guarantee that Cold Chain is NOT broken ?
What is the dosage ?? why multiple dozes are being given to children?
why are 78 % children contracting disease are those who were given multiple dozes ?? Is vaccine tainted ??
Why Oral vaccine is being given which has live virus and have a high rate of causing Polio??
Why Bill Gates is funding who is known to be a believer of reducing population and controlled deaths and also believe in GMO crops for population controls ? Is Pakistan facing a Bio war ??

We need answers !!!

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