Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Back to Paksarzameen ! On Duty !

Alhamdolillah, landed back in Pak Sarzameen last night after a hectic visit of Iran and "somewhere" else  ( that's a secret 

The news of the arrest of that fat toad in London was the icing on the cake of this wonderful journey. Shall share the details of the Iran visit later inshAllah. We shall be doing Debate this week inshAllah, though fatigue factor is now setting in and I desperately need some rest. But khair inshAllah !

As I write, a fierce battle is going on in Bajaur, where a huge attack by the RAW backed Khawarij is being repulsed by Pak army, hitting them even inside Afghanistan once the snakes retreated back into their sanctuaries in Kunar.

Just after 2 days when we left Tehran, a massive sand storm struck the city killing many people. It was as if it was waiting for us to leave and then came in charging. We saw the pics later. Enough to put fear of God into any heart. May Allah have mercy upon us all always.

So, we are back in the HQ, on our battle station and will be going out all guns blazing as the millat faces its finals tests these days.

Khair inshAllah and indeed, there is NO place like home and there is NO country like Pak Sarzameen  so glad to be home. Our plants missed us and so does Maxi, our black Labrador, and our ducks and chickens too  Found a new Siamese cat in the house, which kids had found lost in the street and she and the little "chooza" are trying to be friends with each other. I hope she does not treat the chooza like a chicken nugget 

and indeed we missed taking sniper shots at Geo and enemies of Pak Sarzameen  Now we will do that in Debate inshAllah 

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