Sunday, June 1, 2014

This is a must watch clip ! a damning indictment of Geo by Najam sethi himself.

This is a must watch clip from today's Aapas Ki baat ! a damning indictment of Geo by Najam sethi himself.

hear him carefully.. we have explained his words in brackets. what he is saying is that :

Najam accept that they were wrong in underestimating the power of army. He says what they did (attack army) was correct but timings were wrong. They should have waited (to make army more weaker).

He said that they had expected that nexus between media (Geo) and Judicairy (Iftikhar Chaudrey gang) was strong but they were wrong. That Judiciary is now silent and in newspapers (Jang/News) which used to have anti-army news regularly but now all papers are silent !! He tries to threaten the army saying that in the long run, Geo will make a comeback and army will suffer though now Geo is taking the beating.

their panic and nervousness is too visible. Loved every bit of it alhamdolillah. There is no shame or remorse in what he says just regret that they chose wrong timings to attack army when army was not weak enough.

The traitors openly accepting their crimes here. Must watch and curse them even more. 

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