Monday, June 9, 2014

We must keep this in mind that both MQM and TTP are controlled by RAW

Why do I say that MQM is also heavily involved in the attack ??

We must keep this in mind that both MQM and TTP are controlled by RAW. Both orgs may appear to be enemies of each other in words etc, but in reality are collaborators, allies and assets of each other. MQM has NEVER really harmed TTP. TTP has NEVER ever attacked MQM rallies.

When it comes to battle against Pakistan, MQM would provide logistics, support, weapons and protection to the TTP/RAW assets to wage urban war. Indian weapons have been found from MQM offices and from the airport as well. MQM senior members are known to be Indian citizens. MQM offered the British MI6 to act as their local spies for espionage if British govt can dismantle ISI !! These are documented facts.

Given the scenario, I am sure that MQM is heavily involved in the attack, even if there is an involvement of TTP factions. TTP’s claim of the attack remains meaningless as they remain bloody liars all the way, claiming and disowning as they please. They had even claimed times square bombing in 2010

Watch the pics of dead terrorists. Compare them with Gorkhas.

An ordinary Pakistani cannot tell the difference between Uzbeks or Gorkhas. My take is that these are Indian Gurkhas or Uzbeks from Dostum who were protected by MQM in Karachi and then launched.

In Karachi, in the last 10 years, nearly 100,000 Pakistanis have been killed or wounded and TTP has not done that. MQM has !! Now both MQM and TTP would work together to wage the urban 5th GW. Denying this will not change the facts. 

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