Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A lesson from the history -- you need the vision of Baba Iqbal and Baba Quaid to understand them.

This is a serious lesson of history younger generation is ignorant of. Dividing the land is a painful process and how the Kuffar do it within Muslim lands is even more painful to read. How they divided and continue to divide Muslim lands… How they used local forces to destroy the Ottoman empire. Exactly same strategy today – using ISIS to do the demolition job.

In 1918 and in 2014 -- There is hardly any difference. The western sponsored wars within the region still rage, with traitors, mercenaries and touts from within the Muslim lands. DO NOT be fooled by the faces of the touts they present forwards - Arab rulers or ISIS -- there will always be Lawrence of Arabia behind them... These are most complex geo-politics, NEVER simple as 2 + 2. You need the vision of Baba Iqbal and Baba Quaid to understand them.

Read the following para from this article:

"The conquest of Damascus by the British in October 1918 was the outstanding example. As the Israeli scholar Eyal Zisser points out: “The aim was to create a situation in which these towns and areas could be characterized as liberated by the Arabs, who would then have a rightful claim.”

Our advice to you would be : DO NOT react to modern warfare and geo-politics in region unless you know EXACTLY what is happening and who is a friend or an enemy. This is our duty to inform you. You have a choice -- trust us and protect yourself from the fitnahs created by the Khawarij and the mushriks. Else, you can continue to roam deaf, dumb and the blind behind every fraud "khalifa" or leader who claim to this sacred title.

Our duty is to give azaan only. Hidayat is from Allah (swt). We will NOT come after every idiot or blind to convince him.

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