Thursday, July 24, 2014

Forgive us Ya Rasul Allah (sm) for we have betrayed your Ummah :((

I received this mail today and it gave me a chill in my spine...

Pak army and Pakistani nation, you should read this mail, a dream of a Pakistani lady who shared it with us. Rasul Allah (sm) is in Jalal for we are not helping the Muslims in Palestine..

She is a friend of Maheen, our team member who passed away few years ago. Old members of this page know Maheen as a Mujahida who was our front line fighter in defense of Pak Sarzameen.

This is our moment… DO NOT betray Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm).

DO NOT forget Palestine and Muslim Ummah in your dua. This is the least we can do.

Forgive us Ya Rasul Allah (sm) for we have betrayed your Ummah :((


Sent: Thursday, July 24, 2014 12:56 AM
Subject: message from RASOOL ALLAH (SAW)

dear sir ,
i am an ajiz naqis ummati of my NABI PAK salalaho allay hay wasalm.i have been in slumber for 30 years of my life , and i am scared of facing my ALLAH swt and my NABI PAK (SAW)

i have never contacted you before , i am a friend of Maheen tirmizi

today i saw a dream i think needs to be shared with u

I saw NABI PAK saw today morning , he was siting , a white scarf hung low on HIS glorious face , behind him are mountains and heaps of dead bodies , hands arms , faces ,body pieces , they are flowing in from gaza and syria , HE (saw) was siting with HIS face lowered, watching every death , there is blood everywhere.

me and a small group of ummatis are running here n there , its mayhem chaos, i see him and i run to him , knowing he is my NABI PAK SAW, our clothes are white but full of blood , we are weak n scared.

i went up to him , and asked me something in arabic and i cry i don't arabic , wat ya rasool allah (saw ) wat ? then a buzurg said nabi pak ( saw ) is asking

which country are u from ? i said PAKISTAN

he said WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR THEM POINTING TO GAZA AND SYRIA ? he asked what have you done till now ?

HE then said write all their names in a register , write which country there are from and write what they are doing to help my umatiz

sir , he was ANGRY , beyond angry he was infuriated, i have never felt such JALAL , my heart trembles with fear.............

sir he didn't look towards us, he kept looking at gaza and syria ........... and all dying ummatis.....

HE STOOD UP in anger and said i will do this ghazwa myself, i will wage this war myself.......

HE ( SAW ) is angry with us ummatis,

sir we have to wake up!!!

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