Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Guidlines for those who follows us

Some more guidelines.

Many members want to engage us in conversations, ask questions, put allegations, attack our views and person but do not have the courage to identify themselves. They want to remain hidden and then attack like Khawarij, while we stand without anything to hide. We will rarely respond to such comments. if you want detailed discussion, pl send me a direct email but you must identify yourself and introduce yourself properly with your contact details. syedzaidzamanhamid@gmail.com

When you send me sms or email, pl DO NOT write incomplete sentences without any adab or protocol. I DO NOT take calls from unknown numbers. If you have my cell and want to walk, then sms me first with your details and then wait for me to return your message or call.

I am extremely busy and not even getting time to rest but still i get calls in the middle of the night and the person says that he has nothing to talk, just wanted to check if this is my number or not !! or they would say that they found our number from somewhere and just wanted to chat.... !! Or the person says that he called in the middle of the night just to ask the repeat timings of our program... Pl dont do this. This is very very discomforting. pl learn some adab.

There are some who just keep calling dozens of time in a go if I dont pick up the phone...... For God sake, have some heart.

I get sms messages like "sir, I want to meet" ! but there is no detail as to who are you, why you want to meet, which city you are calling from? etc etc ... I dont have time to get into lengthy chats just to get this info. I ignore such messages.

Before you ask any question, you must ask "what khair will you do if you get the answer ?? do you really need to have this answer or you are just asking for fun ?? dont ask questions which do not affect you like "what should we do to stop modi?.even if I tell you, what can you do ??? This is not a problem of a student or an individual who does not have State powers in his hands. ask about what affects you directly.

I am NOT meeting people these days as all mission is on FB, media or limited personal contacts. If you want to meet, there has to be a solid reason for that, otherwise, pl sabr for now.

Whatever I have to say to the people and the army, we say that on media and on the FB. whatever this nation needs to know, we will inform it well in time inshAllah. if we have not touched it, it means that it can wait for now against other high priority subjects that we are discussing. follow our previous programs. We have done over 100 programs of Debate. if you have not seen them, dont ask any quesiton please. All that you need to know has been answered already. We get almost 7000 new members each week. They are new and we welcome them but ask them NOT to jump into conversations without knowledge.

This is a very different page from all other FB pages. This is a battle station and we are serious about our mission and take no non sence. Please follow the adab and be responsible members and come here to learn and serve Pakistan. Post mature comments and engage in healthy debate without immature cat fights.

Share the knowledge you gain on this page. It is sad that with over 300,000 members, we hardly get few hundred shares... why ?? are you ashamed to be part of this Jihad ?? dont you feel responsible that it is your duty to participate ?? why are you here then if you cannot even share a message ?? We dont collect fans here dears. We need soldiers for Pakistan. This is your chance to be one.

Jazak Allah to all of you. Duty pressure is increasing upon us. I just want you all to understand and adjust accordingly. 

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