Sunday, July 13, 2014

What does this mission mean to you ?

Dear team,

For quite some time I was thinking to say this to you all. Today seems to be the time.

Ask this question to yourself – What does this mission mean to you ?? The answer would determine who would remain part of it and for how long or to what degree.

Alhamdolillah, we have thousands of members, volunteers, active team associates all over the world but each one has a separate, individual and personal relationship with this mission and its duties.

When you are part of a sacred mission and duty with passion, then you are expected to do the following.

1. Give your time and best energies and skills to the cause.
2. Give your wealth and resources which Allah has given you in this dunya for the cause of the duty.

If you are neither giving time nor resources to it NOW, when the battle is most heated and the mission HQ team is most surrounded and hunted, then know for fact that this mission is NOT your passion but a pastime only. you are a fan, NOT a diehard soldier.

There are many members who are financially extremely stretched but they compensate through their sheer dedication, hard work, time and skills that they have. There are house wives, who are shouldering the entire segments of the mission, taking out time from their daily family routines. There are unknown workers who are managing the entire segments of the mission on their own, without any demands or complaints ever. Some send me information and news from global sources, spending hours on net and computer and become the main source of knowledge for the programs and research. Some manage websites, some translate and proof read works, some make Jpegs and videos….

There are members whom Allah has made financially stable but they cannot give so much of their time but they compensate by shouldering the financial burden of the duties and responsibilities silently. Our books are bought and distributed, bills for the mission are paid and our legal battles are managed with no financial stress on us. We never demand them to do so, but they insist and do it on their own as their share to this sacred mission and we can’t stop their khair, as this mission belongs to the Ummah.

Then, there are many whose want to spend their time and Maal but it is NOT accepted because it is either not halal or their Niyat is not pure …. Not everyone can join this khair… remember this..

But there are many, who are close to the mission, have been brought close, but their attitude towards this duty is “kufran e naimat” to say the least. They have time and resources but their priority is their job, family, business, investments, travelling and houses … and they attitude towards this duty is casual and careless…

Where do you stand ?? Allah (swt) and Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) do NOT need fans. He needs die hard fighters… who spend from their Jaan and Maal !! You will NOT do any Ihsaan on Allah (swt) if you are part of this mission. Allah has done Ihsaan upon you to bring you closer to it and shown you the most sacred duty of this era – defending the Ummah and millat in these times of darkness…. If you do not respect this Karam, then this is your naseeb.

The purpose of this faqeer is to give naseeha of Haq and naseeha of Sabr to those who claim to be part of this journey….

We will not ask you over and over again to be serious… Allah is watching too and He decides who stays with the duty and who leaves..There are many who have been taken away. There was always a reason – Kufran e naimat, Gustakhi, khayanat, buzdali, wada khilafi, haraam khori ….

There are many who have been chosen to stay and they will be protected inshAllah from the fitnahs of shaitaan… for their sincerity, sabr, adab, dignity and khidmat….

DO NOT take this khair for granted. Hearts are within two fingers of Allah (swt) – He turns them as He pleases… and there is always a reason for Him to do it. Learn from the badnaseebi of those who betrayed or were beyadab towards it and were taken away, never to be brought back to the same status again… That is indeed a true loss..

Ummat e Rasul (sm) is in pain today. Momin cannot be casual nor be distracted nor dazzled by Dunya wa ma feeha… These are times of fitnah… stay close to those who are in the mission and do Tawasu Bil Haqq and Tawassu bil Sabr…

Spend from your Jaan and the Maal which Allah has given you before the time when neither your Jaan nor your maal would be of any benefit…

The mission is on with full force alhamdolillah and Allah is enough for this Jamaat of fuqara.

Barak Allah feekum. This naseeha is from an elder, given in your love, to help you in these times of fitnah and sharr.

You have a right to ignore this but then you will not have the right to complain…


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