Friday, August 22, 2014

A day of infamy for "democracy" lovers

NS should resign now. The writ & respect of his authority has been shattered. Ordinary cops are disobeying orders of govt. How would he rule? Nawaz's insatiable desire to control the army has now been comprehensively shattered. He begs army for support, surrenders on all fours!

A day of infamy for "democracy" lovers when their "elected" PM begs army for support against a popular peoples rebellion . RIP Democracy!

When State LEAs refuse to obey, NS deploys terrorists & Takfiris to attack the protesters. Lal masjid outfits to be deployed today in Islamabad. Why is it OK for PM to call army to crush civilian protesters and NOT OK for protesters to call army to remove a tyrant regime?

Army will indeed not wait indefinitely. If there is a prolonged deadlock or violence on streets, then army will be forced to intervene !

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