Sunday, August 31, 2014

Army is debating 3 options - Martial Law, Civilian Caretakers, NO interference.

These are my tweets from last night:

I strongly appreciate IK for keeping women behind at safe distance. I strongly condemn PAT for using women as human shield around TUQ jeep. You NEVER go into battle surrounding yourself with women & children. We knew NS/SS are animals & kill ruthlessly. PAT has made a blunder!

I see everyone calling for army. But why are the leaders silent ? TUQ & IK have openly said that they want democracy. Army hears that too. Now this "democracy" is also beating the hell out of media ! To be honest, we as an ungrateful stupid nation deserve these filthy leaders! Months before the elections, I had warned the nation NOT to go for elections. I was most insulted by PTI members. Today, they want army ??

Army does not have any plans for martial law. The only solution they are thinking is to bring a caretaker govt. But IK &TUQ must demand that. If leaders are too afraid to demand army's intervention to remove this govt & bring in a caretaker govt, then they should handle it themselves. Pakistan is under the protection of Allah (swt). Pakistanis are being punished & tested for our collective blunders. DO NOT panic. Khair IA.

IA, This is Pakistan's future -- Army backed Techno govt to radically transform Pakistan into a strong Pan Islamic welfare state! As a nation, we have tested all forms of systems - Democracy, Martial Laws!! All failed. Now lets raise voice for army backed Techno Govt!
Army is already fighting a war Zarb e Azab & defending the nation with incredible courage. But what is happening in Islamabad is political crisis. Army does NOT even blink before responding to a military threat. But intervention into politics, removing a regime is difficult choice. I want army to intervene NOW but can you all promise to defend the army against liberal pro-democracy beyyghairats who will bark then? Police fired thousands of live shot gun rounds, tear gas shells. There is also private militia of SS called Shahbaz force dressed as Police.

Listen to this carefully -- army will come IF IK or TUQ invite them & share responsibility OR if the anarchy gets totally get out of control. I have been saying this for ages now. Why are IK & TUQ so afraid to call army for help? Army has taken enough beating alone from politicians. Problem with you is that you want army to come on YOUR terms! This will NOT happen. If army comes, it will be their terms, their Law. If TUQ & IK cannot call the army for support, then they will be held responsible too. They started this, now they should take responsibility.

Army is debating 3 options - Martial Law, Civilian Caretakers, NO interference. I will accept 1 & 2 but NOT 3. You should also accept & say it. Till last night both IK & TUQ were most vocal that they will block army & support democracy! Now if PTI/PAT want army, then INVITE them!

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