Monday, August 4, 2014

Nawaz Shareef is behaving like Hosni Mubarak ! Failing to read the anger in the Tahreer Square & deploying army to threaten the crowds !



Allah will NEVER give izzat to any ruler or person who seeks it by insulting Sharia of Rasul Allah (sm). Nawaz Shareef became the Prime Minister 3rd time but Allah is always humiliating him...

Now, InshAllah, he will be humiliated again on August 14th.

The government has 3 options at its disposal.

1. Nawaz Shareef can throw in the towel, resign and call in fresh elections.

2. Nawaz Shareef can use force to disperse the incoming human tsunami but then risks total and complete meltdown of law and order.

3. He can try to negotiate, engage and settle the matter politically with the opposition parties.

With the hostility in the opposition camps as it is, option 3 seems out of the window straight away.

Nawaz is behaving like Egyptian Hosni Mubarak, failing to read the writing on the wall, confronting the population with force of the army, which in turn becomes the King makers. So far, Nawaz wants to pitch army between himself and the crowds. Army would come but not to pacify the crowds and that would make the army as the King makers here as well. If it comes to removing the regime or firing at the crowd, the choice for the army is simple – remove the government and take over.

By inviting the army into Islamabad, Nawaz has already allowed the proverbial camel’s head into the tent and now it is only a matter of time that the whole camel makes its way into the tent of the PML(N) government. :-)

Now Nawaz do not control the events. The dynamic of the events would decide his fate. Pak army would be the ultimate arbitrator, referee and the kingmakers.

Now sit back and watch the fireworks. August 14th is the D day. :-)

They sought izzat in Kufr. They will be humiliated in Dunya and Akhira !!

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