Tuesday, August 26, 2014

NS has a history of instigating coups within army.

Tuesday is a critical day in Islamabad. Govt plans to use force now. Gangs of JUI/PML(N) have been brought in. Police ready under SC orders.

NS has a history of instigating coups within army. Gen Raheel should be careful. In 1998, NS bought DG ISI Gen Butt & tried a coup against Musharraf. NS asked General JK to leave office in 90s & General Asif Nawaz was mysteriously poisoned! A coup against Musharraf backfired! This is Nawaz Sharif! Even today, NS is furious with Raheel for not openly supporting govt against protesters. Frictions are rising rapidly as showdown approaches.

After 1998, NS was put on trial for hijacking the aircraft but NEVER for instigating a rebellion within army against sitting COAS. PML(N) circles openly accuse army & ISI for backing this rebellion in Islamabad despite public denials. There are reports of NS wanting new DG ISI.

Now Supreme Court has given a legal mandate to Interior Ministry to use force against protesters in Red zone. Govt will fully exploit it now. If there is bloodshed, then even SC would be responsible for giving approval to this butcher govt with dozens of murders on their hands! Honorable SC judges want govt to clear roads before their office starts on Tuesday, even if it means unleashing brute force on citizens.

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